5. Sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları MEB YAYINLARI

5. Sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları MEB YAYINLARI Cevap anahtarı

Sayfa 10 Soruları ve Cevapları

1. a) Look at the map. Where are the children from?
Tom is from Canada
Sara is from Spain
Elif is from Turkey
Yang is from China
b) Match the children with the languages they speak.
Tom  English and French

Sara  Spanish
Elif  Turkish
Yang Chinese

5. Sınıf İngilizce Meb Yayınları Ders Kitabı 1. Ünite Hello Sayfa 11 Soruları ve Cevapları

2. Listen to the people and complete the speech bubbles.
Hello! I’m Antonio.
I’m from ___________________________.
I am ______________________________.
I speak ____________ and ____________.
Hi! I’m Diane and this is Susan.
We’re from _________________________.
We’re _____________________________.
We speak __________ and ____________.
3. Complete the table and talk about it.
Name: Antonio
Country: Italy
Nationality: Italian
Age: 13
Languages: Italian, English

5. Sınıf İngilizce Meb Yayınları Ders Kitabı 1. Ünite Hello Sayfa 12 Soruları ve Cevapları

4. Listen to the recording and complete the missing letters.
Türkiye                    Turkish 
England                   English
France                     French
Russia                     Russian
Japan                     Japanese
Germany                German
Italy                       Italian
5. Find eight countries and nationalities.
Sayfa 13 Soruları ve Cevapları
6. Read the picture story and make a similar dialogue with the questions below using puppets.
What’s your name?
Can you speak French?
How old are you?
Where are you from?
How many languages do you speak?

Sayfa 14 Soruları ve Cevapları

7. Tick the classes you like.
Science, Physical Education (P.E.), Art, English, Music, Turkish

8. Read the speech bubbles. Work in pairs and make similar dialogues.
A- What’s your favorite class? 
B- I like history.
A -Do you like music?
B- No, not really. Art is my favorite.

Sayfa 15 Soruları ve Cevapları

9. a) Listen to the people and complete the table.
Age 15
Nationalty Englisch
Likes Maths Scence
Dislikes Geography
b) Talk about the people above.
April is fifteen years old. She’s from England. She likes maths and science but she doesn’t like geography.

Sayfa 16 Soruları ve Cevapları

10. Walk around the classroom and ask your friends about their favorite classes. Then talk about them.
You Englisch Maths
Elif Art Geography 
Azra Music Scince
Leo loves art but he hates music. Ex: What is your favonte class Elif?
Bill likes history but he doesn’t enjoy science. Elif: My favorite class is Art. / I like Art, but I doint like sicience.

Sayfa 17 Soruları ve Cevapları

11. a) Read the speech bubbles and tick the topics they are talking about.
family classes country friends
I’m Kemal from Ankara, Türkiye. I study at 29 Ekim Elementary School. I am good at art and I love solving problems. I don’t enjoy doing experiments.
My name is Adriana. I’m from Brazil. I study at Hightown Secondary School. I love music but I am not good at art. I enjoy learning languages, too.

b) Read the speech bubbles again and complete the sentences.
1. Kemal is from Ankara, Turkey .
2. Adriana loves music .
3. Kemal dislikes doing expenments .
4. Adriana is Brazilian.
5. Kemal is good at art .
6. Adriana likes learning laoguages.
Sayfa 18 Soruları ve Cevapları
12. a) Answer the questions.
How many classes do you have a week?
Which courses do you have today? Englisch, Maths, Art, Music...

How many classes do you have a week?
Which courses do you have today?
13. Complete the sentences.
I love English
but I don’t like French.
I like art.
but I dislike expeiments.
I am good at solving problems.
but I don’t enjoy doing expeiments.

Sayfa 19 Soruları ve Cevapları

Follow the route and say the favorite classes of the children below.
Art is Umut's faworite class.
Physiral Education is Steve's favorite class.
Maths is Selin's favorite class.
Science is Maria's favorite class.

Sayfa 20 Soruları ve Cevapları

a) Listen to the song and complete the lyrics.
Say _________ to everyone, _________ English is really fun. _________ problems isn’ t easy, Drawing _________ is number one.
Classes classes every day. “It’s my pleasure” friends say. They are never far away. Singing loud is the best way. Science, physics, _________, art,
_________ and fill in the chart. _________ exercise is really hard, Don’ t worry just sing the chant. Classes classes every day.
“It’s my pleasure” friends say. They are never far away. Singing loud is the best way.
b) Listen to the song again and sing.

Sayfa 21 Soruları ve Cevapları

Write your own dream timetable showing your class schedule.
Monday - Music Music English   English
Tuesday - Maths Maths  Physiral Eduration   Physiral Eduration
Wednesday - Art Art Science  Science
Thursday - English  English   Music  Music
Friday - Maths   Maths   Art  Art 
Reflect on your English
I can introduce myself.                           (X)
I can give information about myself.      (X)
I can tell my favorite classes.                 (X)
I can name countries and nationalities.                (X)
I can tell the classes I like.                     (X)
I can tell the classes I don’t like.            (X)
I can read the timetable for my lessons. (X)

Sayfa 22 Soruları ve Cevapları

Activity 1. Find the countries and nationalities.
1. U T R K H S I T      (Turkish)
2. A E R N G M G      (German)
3. H C F E N R F        (French)
4. R S I S A U N R     (Russian)
5. A Y T L I I               (Italy)
Activity 2. Complete the dialogue with the correct questions
Linda : Hello! I’m Linda.
Sue : Hi, Linda. I’m Sue. How are you doing.
Linda : Not bad, thanks. Whre are you from.
Sue : I’m from London, you?
Linda : I’m from Canada. How old are you.
Sue : I’m seventeen, and you?
Linda : I’m sixteen. How may languages do you speak.

Sue : Three. English, Spanish and German.
Linda : Great. I speak only English.
Sue : What's your favorite class.
Linda : Well, I love maths but I don’t really like history.

Sayfa 23 Soruları ve Cevapları

Activity 3. Match the objects with the classes.
(6) Science
(3) Physical Education
(1) Maths
(5) Art
(4) Music
(2) Social Studies
Activity 4. Complete the paragraph with one word only.
Hello! I am Aslı. I am from Türkiye. I study at Atatürk Secondary School. I am at 8th grade. I speak Turkish and English. I like maths because I am good at solving problems. I dislike Physical Education because I am not good at sports.

Sayfa 24 Soruları ve Cevapları

Activity 5. Order the conversations
(2) Very well, and you?
(4) See you. Bye.
(1) Hello, Dan. How are you doing?
(3) I’m OK, thanks. See you at school
(1) Do you like science?
(4) Oh, yes. It’s my favorite.
(3) What about art?
(2) No, not really. I hate doing experiments.
Activity 6. Look at Tom’s timetable and answer the questions.
1. Which classes does he have on Monday? Tom has Maths Music classes on Monday.
2. When is his English course? It's on Wednes day.
3. Does he have science on Friday? No he doesn't have science on Findey.
4. How many classes does he have a week? Tom has eight classes on week.
5. Is social studies on Thursday? No, sociel studies is on findey.

Sayfa 25 Soruları ve Cevapları

Activity 7. Look at the pictures and make sentences.
1- He likes climbing but he hates swimming.
2- He enjoys playing quitar but he dislikes daying expentmens.

Sayfa 28 Soruları ve Cevapları

1. Write the names of the places below.
Sırası ile; pharmacy, library, bank, stationery, hospital, bakery, café, cinema 

Sayfa 29 Soruları ve Cevapları

1- The cinema is between the bank and the museum.
2- The dog is in front of the pharmacy.
3- The mosque is opposite the library.
4- He is around the pool.
5- The post office is next to the school.

Sayfa 31 Soruları ve Cevapları

5. Look at the photos and match them with the sentences
(2) a) The Blue Mosque is a famous place.
(4) b) You can visit The Mausoleum of Atatürk in Ankara.
(1) c) The Topkapı Palace is in Istanbul.
(5) d) A lot of tourists visit The Bodrum Castle.
(3) e) The Maiden’s Tower is an old building.

Sayfa 32 Soruları ve Cevapları

6. Read the dialogue and find the library on the map.
Cevap 2 numara

Sayfa 33 Soruları ve Cevapları

8. Look at the signs and write the directions.
1) Take the second left.
2) Turn rihgt.
3) Turn left.
4) Take the first right.
5) Take the second right.
6) Take the first left.
7) Go straight ahead.
8) it’s on your right.

Sayfa 34 Soruları ve Cevapları

9- Look at the map and complete the dialogues with suitable words
1) Max: Excuse me, how can I go to the
Pam: The restaurant?
Max: Yes, the restaurant.
Pam: Well, You are on Daisy Road, take the second right into King Street. It’s between the theater andthe school.
Max: Thanks.
Pam: Not at all.
2) Carol: Excuse me, how can I go to the cinema?
Terry: Well, go straight ahead and take the first right. Then cross the Princess Road. Turn left. It’s on your right.
Carol: Thank you.
Terry: You are wellcome.
3) Susan: Excuse me, is there a park near here?
Danny: Oh, yes. There is one nearby. You are on Daisy Road. Take the second left. It’s on your right opposite the museum.
Susan: Thank you.
Danny: You are wellcome

 Sayfa 38 Soruları ve Cevapları

Activity 1 – Matchthe names of placeswiththepictures
1) B /bookshop
2) I /playground
3) D /mosque
4) C/trainstation
5) E/pharmacy
6) H /toy shop
7) J /shoeshop
8) A /supermarket
9) F/policestation
10) G/hospital

Sayfa 39 Soruları ve Cevapları

Activity 2
a) Look at the map and complete the dialogues.
Bruce : How can I get to the Theater?
Ekin : Gostraightahead. Take these condright. It is on yourleft, opposite the supermarket.
Joe : How can I go to the Barber’s?
Sally : Gostraightahead. Take th efirst left. Gopast the toy shop. It is on your right.
Kate : Isthere a Restaurant near here?
Linda : Oh, yes, there is. Take the first right and go straight. Cross the Tulip Road. It is on your right
b) Look at the mapagain and match the beginning of the sentences with the correct statements.
1) D 2) C 3) E 4) A 5) B

Sayfa 40 Soruları ve Cevapları

Activity 3 – Read the directions and write the names of the places
BOŞLUK 1: Post office
BOŞLUK 2: Fire station
BOŞLUK 3: Policestation
BOŞLUK 4: Cafe
BOŞLUK 5: Cinema
BOŞLUK 6: Restaurant
Activity 4 – Write the names of the places and find the secret place
Anahtar kelime: Museum

Sayfa 41 Soruları ve Cevapları

Activity 5 – Order the conversation
(3) Yes, a supermarket.
(5) Thankyou.
(1) Excuse me, is there a supermarket near here?
(6) You are welcome.
(4) Well, gostraigh ta head. Turn left. It’s on your right.
(2) Supermarket?
Activity 6 
a) Complete the sentences with the words in the box.
The student : Excuse me, how can I get to the English class?
Theteacher : Go straight a head. Gopast the maths class. It is opposite the Turkish class on your right.
The student :Thank you.
Theteacher : You are welcome
b) Look at the map again and answer the question.
Thestudent : Excuse me! Where is the music class?

Theteacher : Go straight a head. Go pas tthe Turkish class. It is opposite the Science Lap on your left.

Sayfa 44 Soruları ve Cevapları

1. a) Answer the questions.
Do you know these activities? Yes, I do. There are pictures of the activities.
Which ones do you like? I like playing hopscotch, dodgeball. I also like skipping rope, riding a bike and taking photos.
b) Listen to the sounds and tick the ones you hear 
Ride a horse, Skip rope, Play table tennis, Take photos, Ride a bike

Sayfa 45 Soruları ve Cevapları

2. a) Listen to the people and match them with their favorite activities.
Harry – playing marbles
Lisa – hide and seek
Mark – camping
Beste – blind man’s buff
b) Listen to the recording again and complete the table
LikesPlaying soccer and marblesPlaying hide and seekGoing camping, playing dodge ballPlaying blind man’s buff
DislikesPlaying hopscotchPlaying tagPlaying checkersRiding a horse
c) Complete the sentences about Harry and talk about the other eople above.
Harry is from Denmark and he is Danish.
He is fourteen.

He likes playing soccer and marbles but he doesn’t like playing hopscotch.

Sayfa 46 Soruları ve Cevaplar

3. a) Read the speech bubbles and put a tick (√) for the activities the children like or a cross (X) for the ones they dislike.
Collecting stamps
Ice skating
Playing soccerX

Sayfa 47 Soruları ve Cevaplar

b) Walk around the class and find someone who likes or dislikes the activities in the table.
Camping, fishing, hiking, playing dodgeball
A: What are your favourite activities?
B: I like going camping and hiking. What about you?
A: I don’t like them, but I like playing dodge ball. My favourite activity is going fishing.
B: I don’t like playing dodge ball.

Sayfa 48 Soruları ve Cevaplar

4. Match the statements with the activities.
1. We run fast and touch our friend. (d) tag
2. I need a piece of paper. I fold and shape it.(a) origami
3. We draw some squares on the ground and we jump.(e) hopscotch
4. I count from 1 to 20 and try to find my friends. (c) hide and seek
5. We need a racket and a ball to play it .(b) table tennis

Sayfa 49 Soruları ve Cevaplar

5. a) Match the activities with the pictures.
1. f
2. c
3. a
4. e
5. d
6. b
b) Complete the sentences about your hobbies.
I like playing hopscotch.
I don’t like playing blind man’s buff.
I am good at skipping rope.
I am bad at sculpting.

Sayfa 50 Soruları ve Cevaplar

6. a) Listen to the people and choose the correct words.
Akira: Japan, like, origami
Julia: dodge ball, can’t
b) Complete the dialogues with suitable questions.
1. Where are you from? I’m from Poland.
2. Do you like chess? Yes, I do. Chess is my favorite.
3. Can you do origami? No, I can’t.
4. Do you like dodge ball? Yes, I love it.

Sayfa 51 Soruları ve Cevaplar

Hiking aktivitesini seçiyorlar.
b) Read the dialogue again and complete the sentences.
1) Pam hates blind man’s buff
2. Pam can’t play table tennis well
3. Zack isn’t good at chess
4. Zack loves hiking
c) Change the words in red and act out the dialogue.
Sırasıyla: marbles, marbles, dodge ball, playing tag, doing origami

Sayfa 54 Soruları ve Cevaplar

Activity 1. Match the pictures with the activities.
1. f
2. b
3. a
4. h
5. e
6. i
7. d
8. c
9. g

Sayfa 55 Soruları ve Cevaplar

Activity 2. Circle the correct word.
Ride a bike
Do puzzles
Play marbles
Go fishing
Activity 3. Read the dialogue and write "True" or "False".
1. True
2. False
3. True
4. True
5. True

Sayfa 56 Soruları ve Cevaplar

Activity 4. Match the speech bubbles.
1. What’s your favorite hobby? (d) I love collecting stamps.
2. Can you ride a bike? (g) No, I can’t. Because I don’t have a bike.
3. When is your swimming course? (a) It’s on Saturday.
4. Where do you play dodgeball? (f) In the park, next to our school.
5. Do you like playing chess? (b) Oh, yes. It’s my favorite.
6. Where does your aunt live? (c) In Paris.
7. Can your sister speak French? (e) Yes, she can.

Sayfa 57 Soruları ve Cevaplar

b) Write the extra letters and find the hidden sentence.
Activity 6. Write about the games / hobbies you like and dislike.
I like playing hopscotch, but I don’t like playing blind man’s buff, hide and seek or dodge ball. They are outdoor games. I like playing domino, chess and doing origami, but I don’t like doing puzzles. They are indoor games.

Sayfa 60 Soruları ve Cevapları

1-a) Look at the activities. Which ones do you do everyday? 
Bu sorunun cevabını kendiniz yapmalısınız
1-b) Match the pictures with the activities
1) e 2) f 3) b 4) g 5) j 6) a 7) h 8) c 9) i 10) d

Sayfa 61 Soruları ve Cevapları

2- a) What is the picture story about? Jill’s Daily routine
2- b) Read the story and complete the sentences
1. Jill gets up early everyday.
2. She goes to school with her dad everymorning.
3. She has six classes a day.
4. She has lunch at the school canteen.
5. She gets home and does home work after school.

Sayfa 62 Soruları ve Cevapları

3- a) Read the text below and write the time
1) quarter past twelve
2) half past eight
3) quarter to eight
4) seven o’clock
b) Read Daisy’s daily routine againand number the pictures
Sırası ile; 3, 4, 1 - 2, 5, 6

Sayfa 63 Soruları ve Cevapları

4.a) Look at the picture below and answer the questions
He is having breakfast alone.
It is 7:00 o'clock.
I have cheese olives, an egg and the for breakfast.
b) Listen to the recording and order Ted’s daily activities
4, 5, 7, 1, 6, 3, 2, 8
c) Listen to the recording again and answer the questions.
1- He gets up at half past six.
2- Yes, he does.
3- The start at half past eight.
4- No, he doesn't.

Sayfa 64 Soruları ve Cevapları

5- a) Read the text and write the names of the people
1) Lena 2) Peter 3) Jack 
b) Read the text again and answer the questions
1) Peter wakes up at halfpast six on week days.
2) His parents have cheese and chips for breakfast.
3) No. Peter goes to school by bus.
4) His father, Jack goes to work by train.
5) Peter has lunch at school.
6) Peter gets back home at about halfpast three.
7) They watch TV in the evenings.
8) Peter goes online with his cousins and plays computer games.

Sayfa 66 Soruları ve Cevapları

7- Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions about Tim’s daily routine.
Bu etkinliği kendiniz cevaplayınız
8- a) Answer the questions. Then walk around the class and complete the table
What time do you get up ? 07:00   - 06:30
Do you go out with your friends on weekends? Yes - No
Do you play games after school? Yes - Yes 
Where do you have lunch? At the school - At home 
How do you go to school? by bus - by train
Do you go to bed late on Saturdays? No - No
Do you brush your teeth every day? Yes - Yes
b) Talk about the table
I get up at seven o’clock, but my friend gets up at half past six.

Sayfa 67 Soruları ve Cevapları

9- Read the dialogue and put the sentences in to the correct places
1) How ar eyou doing?
2) What time do you ge tup?
3) Seven
4) Do you have a plan after school today?
5) Let’s watch it together.
6) Take care

Sayfa 70 Soruları ve Cevapları

Activity 1- Match the pictures with the sentences
1) c 2) g 3) a 4) f 5) e 6) b 7) d

Sayfa 71 Soruları ve Cevapları

Activity 2- a) Answer the questions and complete the time table for yourself.
get up?  - 07:00
go to school? - 08:00
have lunch? - 12:00

come back home? - 15:00
have dinner? - 18:00
go to bed? - 20:00
b) Look at your answers in Activity 2a. Draw and write the time.
Bunu kendiniz yapmalısınız.

Sayfa 72 Soruları ve Cevapları

Activity 3- a) Match the word sand paint two parts with the same color
a) Watch a movie
b) get up early
c) have a shower
d) comb hair
e) play chess
f) go online
g) leave the school
h) come back home
i) do homework
b) write the activities in activity 3a under the correct pictures
1) come back home
2) play chess
3) have a shower
4) go online
5) get up early
6) do homework
7) watch a movie
8) comb hair
9) leave the school

Sayfa 73 Soruları ve Cevapları

Activity 4- Complete the dialogue with the correct questions
Boşluk 1- What time do you get up?
Boşluk 2- What do you have for breakfast?
Boşluk 3- How do you got o school?
Boşluk 4- What do you do after school?
Boşluk 5- Do you watch TV?
Boşluk 6- What do you do in theevenings?
Boşluk 7- What time do you got o bed?

5. Sınıf İngilizce Cevapları MEB Sayfa 126-169 Arası 8-9-10. ÜNİTE

5. Sınıf İngilizce Cevapları MEB Sayfa 76-123 Arası 5-6-7. ÜNİTE
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