7. Sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları Kök-e Yayınları

7. Sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları Kök-e Yayınları
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7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 38 Cevapları

1. Look at the photo. What do you know about Albert Einstein? Is he a brilliant scientist?
Yes, Albert Einstein is a brillant scientist. He was interested in Science and Maths. He was a brilliant mathematician and physician. During his life, he had lots of awards around the world because he achieved great success in science.

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 39 Cevapları

2. Read the biography and match the titles with the paragraphs.
1. His Awards Around the World
2. Unhappy Years at School
3. An Important Career in Physics
  1. Paragraf : 2.  Unhappy Years at School
  2. Paragraf : 3.  An Important Career in Physics
  3. Paragraf : 1. His Awards Around the World
3. Read the biography again and correct the sentences.
  1. Einstein was born in Württemberg
  2. He was interested in Science and Maths
  3. He stayed in Milan until 1895.
  4. He wanted to be a teacher of mathematics and physics
  5. He got married to Elsa Löwenthal in 1919.
  6. He graduated from the University of Zurich in 1900.
  7. In 1936, his wife, Elsa died

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 40 Cevapları

1. Complete the sentences.
  1. Ece studies hard to achieve great success in physics and to win a Nobel prize.
  2. During his school years, he was alone. He didn’t have any friends.
  3. Einstein grew up in Munich and started his education there.
  4. My sister was very brillant  at school. She always got high marks.
  5. At the end of the term, the school gave Bob a special award for his efforts.
  6. Nick was born in London in 1970 but moved to Manchester when he was five.
  7. My brother got his high school diploma and graduated in 2015.
  8. Atatürk was born in 1881 and he died in 1938.
  9. They started to live in Ankara and raised their children there.
  10. He was a very rich man. He owned many big companies
2. Listen to Jack talking about his friends. Write the correct names under the photos.
  1. Tom.
  2. Sue
  3. Catherine
  4. Jennny
  5. Olivia
  6. Mark

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 41 Cevapları

We use 'Simple Past Tense' to talk about the events and experiences in the past.
Listen to John Lennon’s biography and match the events with the years.
  1. He was born in 1940.
  2. His mother died in 1958.
  3. Brian Epstein discovered the Beatles in 1961.
  4. Lennon got married in 1962.
  5. He moved to the United States in 1971.
  6. He died in 1980.

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 42 Cevapları

Look at the biography cards of Barış Manço and Emma Watson. Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions.

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 43 Cevapları

Mike is interviewing Robert Pattinson’s childhood friend on a radio programme. Listen, read and circle the right words.
Mike: Hello! Today, we have a friend of Robert Pattinson. Let’s learn about Robert’s life. Welcome to our radio / TV programme, Tina. Tina: Thanks for inviting me. Mike: When was he born? Tina: He was born in 1986 / 1988. Mike: What was he like when he was a child? Tina: He was so easy-going / outgoing and friendly. And he was so handsome. Mike: He is still handsome. Tina: Yes, he is. Mike: Where did he grow up? Tina: He grew up in London / New York. My house was next to his house. Mike: Was he brilliant / hardworkingTina: Yes. He studied a lot to achieve success in acting /music. Mike: He is very good at acting. He was very popular as Edward in Twilight. Tina, thank you so much for everything. Tina: You’re welcome. I am glad to be here. Mike: Good bye!

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 44 Cevapları

1. Look at the photo and guess what it is about.
2.Listen and complete the sentences with the years in the box.
Ashley Cooper was born in California in (1)1978 . She was a brilliant student at school. She received a special award from her school in (2)1990 . She wasn’t alone. She had lots of friends. She was outgoing. She liked helping old people. She wanted to be a doctor. She was a really hardworking person. She studied medicine and graduated in (3)2002. She moved to New York in (4)2004 to work in a big hospital. She got married to Adam Taylor in (5)2007 and had two sons. She is one of the most famous doctors in New York now.
3. Read again and answer the questions.
1. Where was Ashley Cooper born? She was born in California.
2. What did she want to be? She wanted to be  a doctor.
3. Why did she move to New York? She moved to New York to work in a big hospital
4. How many children did she have? She had two children.

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 46 Cevapları

1. Imagine that you are a biographer. What should you do before you write a biography? Discuss it in the class.
2. Read the text. Mark the sentences as True (T) or False (F).
(T) 1. Biographies can be both short and long.
(F) 2. Biographies only tell us someone’s physical appearance.
(T) 3. You can write about the personality of someone in a biography.
(F) 4. The order of the dates aren’t important in a biography.
(F) 5. You shouldn’t search in detail before you write a biography.

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 47 Cevapları

Look at the pictures. Ask and answer the questions. Roll the dice and move ahead. Ask a question using the words and answer that question.

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 48 Cevapları

Now it is time to do the activities in Let's Practise More on pages 157-159.

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 49 Cevapları

1. Look at the photos. Which animals are they? Where do they live? Fotoğraflara bak. Hangi hayvanlar onlar? Onlar nerede yaşıyor?
2. What do you think about pandas? Why are they in danger? Discuss in the class.  Pandalar hakkında ne düşünüyorsun? Neden tehlikede? Sınıfta tartışın.

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 50 Cevapları

1. Look at the photos and talk about these animals. Are they mammals, reptiles or birds? Fotoğraflara bak ve bu hayvanlar hakkında konuş. Onlar memeliler mi, sürüngenler mi yoksa kuşlar mı?

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 51 Cevapları

2. Read the text and match the photos with the paragraphs.

  1. The African lion lives in deserts. You can see them in safari parks too. They always hunt for other animals. They share their big prey with other lions.
  2. E The Nile crocodile lives in Africa. They are enormous. The average size of a crocodile is 4 meters and 500 kilograms. They are very dangerous for other
    animals and humans. They sometimes wait for hours to find prey and attack
  3. A The giraffe is a mammal. They live in Africa. In safari parks, they usually live in very big cages because giraffes usually grow up to 5 meters. They eat only leaves, fruits and flowers of plants.
  4. The black mamba is the longest and fastest snake in Africa. They are poisonous reptiles. When they bite their prey, the prey dies in a very short time. They hunt during the day in jungles. They hunt for small  chickens, rats or bats.
  5. D The African fish-eagle is an enormous bird in Africa. They usually live near lakes and rivers because their main prey is fish. They also eat other water birds.
3. Read again and write which animal it is.
1. They are very big and dangerous for people. The Nile crocodile
2. They eat birds and fish. The African fish-eagle
3. They don’t eat other animals. The giraffe
4. They don’t hunt at night. The black mamba
5. They hunt for other animals in groups. The African lion

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 52 Cevapları

1. Match the words with the photos.

  1. e
  2. a
  3. c
  4. g
  5. b
  6. f
  7. d

2. Listen and put a tick (√) in the chart . You can put more than one tick in some of the boxes.

  • Shark : Sea/Ocean 
  • Lizard : Jungle / desert / mountain
  • Tiger : kafes
  • Elephant : Jungle / desert
  • Dolphin : Sea/Ocean 
  • Owl : Jungle /  mountain

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 53 Cevapları

2. Listen and put a tick (√) in the chart . You can put more than one tick in some of the boxes

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 54 Cevapları

1. Listen to the interview with Brian Adams, a zoologist. Answer the questions.
1- Which animals are now extinct? The dodo bird and the elephant bird are now extinct.
2- Why did people always harm wild animals? Because they were afraid of them.
3- What should we do to protect wildlife? We should protect wild animals. We shouldn’t hunt them.
4- Are polar bears extinct? No, they aren’t.
5- What should we do to stop global warming?We shouldn’t harm the environment.

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 55 Cevapları

2. Complete the sentences. Use the words in the box.
1. There aren’t any dinosaurs around the world today because they are extinct .
2. Some wild animals didn’t survive because people hunted them for fun.
3. The world is our habitat. We should stop global warming and we should protect wildlife.
4. People are afraid of snakes because most snakes are poisonous.
5. We shouldn’t harm the environment; we should keep it clean.
6. Some animals are endangered . There are only a few of them around the world.
7. Polar bears usually sleep during the day and hunt at night

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 56 Cevapları

Order the words and make sentences.
1. should / save / We / energy. We should save energy.
2. plant / We / trees / a lot of / should. We should plant a lot of trees.
3. the environment / clean / should / keep / We. We should keep the environment clean.
4. shouldn't / We / the environment / harm. We shouldn’t harm the environment

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 57 Cevapları

1. Listen and order the paragraphs. Then, answer the question. What did global warming cause?
  • 1. Some animals became extinct because people hunted them for different reasons. People didn’t protect the environment. It caused global warming. Global warming caused animal extinction. It’s like a chain. What should we do to protect them?
  • 2. We shouldn’t hunt them. We should keep their habitats clean. Mountains, oceans, forests, lakes are their habitats. We should protect national parks too
  • 3. Many people visit national parks to have picnics but they don’t clean. We should protect the nature for wild life. We should plant trees. We shouldn’t waste energy. To protect wildlife is to protect our future.

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 58 Cevapları

 2. Read the text and fill in the blanks with ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’.
1. We shouldn’t hunt wild animals.
2. We shouldn’t  make their habitat dirty.
3. We should protect national parks.
4. We should  plant trees.
5. We should  save energy

7. Sınıf Kök-e İngilizce 3. Ünite Sayfa 60 Cevapları

 2. Read the text and answer the questions.
1. What does the word 'dinosaur' mean? The word ‘dinosaur’ mean ‘terrible lizard’.
2. When did they become extinct? They became extinct 60 years ago.
3. What are the theories about their extinction? An enormous asteroid changed the shape of Earth or they became extinct because the climate changed. The weather was very cold for them. 
4. What did paleontologists find? They found lots of dinasaur fossils.

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