5. Sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları Özgün Yayınları

5. Sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları Özgün Yayınları Cevap anahtarı

Sayfa 8 Cevapları

Activity 1A:
1. Canada 2. Türkiye 3. Britain 4. India 5. Spain

Sayfa 9 Cevapları

Activity 1B: 
Hi! I’m Chloe. I’m from Canada. I’m Canadian.
Hi! I’m Mert. I’m from Türkiye. I’m Turkish.
Hello! I’m Zahid. I’m from India. I’m Indian.
Hello! I’m Jake. I’m from Britain. I’m British.
Hi! I’m Alma and this is my friend Estela. We are from Spain. We are Spanish.

Sayfa 11 Cevapları

Activity 2A

– Age: 11 
– Country: the USA 
– Nationality: American 
– Languages: English

– Age: 10 
– Country: China 
– Nationality: Chinese 
- Languages: Chinese, English

Activity 3A: 
Hello! Bonjour! Buenos Dias! Merhaba! Guten Tag! Konichiwa!
We are the children of the world
We live in different countries
We speak different languages
We all like to sing, dance and play
Hello! Bonjour! Buenos Dias! Merhaba! Guten Tag! Konichiwa!
Hello! Bonjour! Buenos Dias! Merhaba! Guten Tag! Konichiwa!
We are the children of the world
We all like to sing, dance and play.

Sayfa 14 Cevapları

Activity 5 C: 
1. double English, double social studies and double art
2. On Monday and on Friday 
3. On Monday and on Friday

Sayfa 15 Cevapları

Activity 6A: 
1. b 2. c 3. b 4. a 5. b 6. c

Sayfa 17 Cevapları

Activity 1: 
1. Türkiye 2. Britain 3. Italy 4. France 5. Germany 6. the USA

Activity 2: 

1. maths 2. science 3. English 4. art 5. social studies 6. physical education

Sayfa 18 Cevapları

Activity 3: 
1. Australian – thirteen – English – art 
2. Turkish – eleven – Turkish – English – Turkish – maths 
3. Egyptian – ten – Arabic – English – English – I.T.

Sayfa 19 Cevapları

Activity 5: 
Monday: maths – science – double P.E. 
Tuesday: social studies – art – double English 
Wednesday: drama – double maths – music 
Thursday: English – art – double science 
Friday: double French – double I.T.

Sayfa 20 Cevapları

Activity 6: 
1. Maths, science and double P.E. 
2. On Monday and on Wednesday. 
3. No, he doesn’t. 
4. French and I.T. 
5. Twenty classes.

Activity 7: 
1. Pelin likes music.
She can play the piano. 
2. Mark enjoys science. He can do experiments. 
3. Steve, Jack and Mert love P.E. They can play basketball.

Sayfa 22 Cevapları

Activity 1A: 

1. bakery 
2. bus stop
3. police station 
4. playground 
5. toy shop
6. café 
7. bookshop 
8. barber’s

Sayfa 23 Cevapları

Activity 1B: 

1. on 
2. opposite
3. between 
4. in front of 
5. next to 
6. behind
Activity 1C: 
1. It’s next to the bakery/in front of the police station. 
2. It’s opposite the school/between the hospital and the bookshop. 
3. It’s opposite the bakery/next to the bookshop.

Sayfa 24 Cevapları

Activity 2A: 
1. swimming pool
2. mosque 
3. grocery 
4. café
Activity 2B:
1. b 2. a 3. b 4. a

Sayfa 27 Cevapları

Activity 4B: 
1. right – next to
2. Sesame Road– grocery

Activity 5A: 
Where’s the bank?
Where’s the bank?
Go straight ahead
Turn right and then
Turn left
It’s opposite the park
Turn right
Turn left
Now, turn all around
Where’s the mall?
Where’s the mall?
Go straight ahead
Turn left and then
Turn right
It’s near the city hall
Turn left
Turn right
Now, turn all around

Sayfa 28 Cevapları

Activity 5A: 
1. In front of the Pink Café. 
2. In front of the library. 
3. To the library.

Sayfa 29 Cevapları

Activity 7A: İstanbul
Activity 7B:
1. Topkapı Sarayı
2. Sultan Ahmet Cami
3. Kapalı Çarşı
4. 15 Temmuz Şehitler Köprüsü

Sayfa 31 Cevapları

Activity 1: 
1. toy shop 
2. isn’t – grocery 
3. she isn’t – bookshop

Sayfa 32 Cevapları

Activity 2: 
1. park 
2. police station
3. café 
4. bank – bakery 
5. grocery

Activity 3: 
1. Library 
2. Grocery
3. Police station 
4. Internet café

Sayfa 33 Cevapları

Activity 4: 
1. Excuse me 
2. The cinema 
3. straight ahead 
4. turn right
5. Thanks 
6. welcome

Sayfa 8 Cevapları

Activity 6:
1. c 2. b 3. b 4. a 5. a 6. b 7. c 8. a

Sayfa 36 Cevapları

CAN YOU ................?

Sayfa 37 Cevapları

1A. Listen and match the activities with the children. Draw lines.

Sayfa 38 Cevapları

2A. Listen to Kate and Sam. Write these words under the correct pictures.

Sayfa 39 Cevapları

2B. Listen again and answer the questions.
3A. Complete the boxes for you.

Sayfa 40 Cevapları

4A. Read the texts below. Which activities do the children like? Draw

Sayfa 41 Cevapları

4B. Go to page 149. Cut out two activities you like and two activities you dislike. Then, stick them in the boxes below.

Sayfa 42 Cevapları

5A. Match the words and phrases with the pictures.

Sayfa 43 Cevapları

5B. Listen and circle the correct choice.
5C. Fill in the table for your family. Tell your family members’ hobbies and games to your classmates.

Sayfa 44 Cevapları

Prepare a poster showing your hobbies/games.

Sayfa 45 Cevapları

Activity 1
Look at the pictures and write the games and hobbies.
Activity 2
Put the words in the correct order and make sentences.

Sayfa 46 Cevapları

Activity 3

Read the speech bubbles and write the children’s games/hobbies.
Activity 4
Read the speech bubbles above again and answer the questions.
Activity 5
Now, write about your favourite game or hobby.

Sayfa 47 Cevapları

Activity 6
Read the paragraph and tick (✔) the children’s likes.
Activity 7
Look at the information in the table and write about Mary Jane.

Sayfa 48 Cevapları

Activity 8
You have some messages. Read and answer them.
Not : Cevaplar kısa süre içinde eklenecektir.

Sayfa 50 Cevapları

Follow the steps and play ‘What time is it, Mr. Fox?’ with your friends.
1A. Match the time with the clocks.

Sayfa 51 Cevapları

1B. Work in pairs. Point at a clock, ask and answer about the time in turns.
1C. Match the sentences with the pictures.

Sayfa 52 Cevapları

2A. Listen to Sandra and write the time of her daily activities.
2B. Read Sandra’s daily activities above and number the pictures in the correct order.

Sayfa 53 Cevapları

Sayfa 54 Cevapları

3A. Tick (✔) your daily activities.
3B. Work in groups. Talk about your daily activities and their time.

Sayfa 55 Cevapları

5A. Look at the picture of Sandra’s brother Alain. Guess and answer the questions.
5B. Listen to Sandra talking about her brother Alain and write his daily activities.
5C. Listen to the recording again and answer the questions

Sayfa 56 Cevapları

6A. Choose a character.
6B. Read the questions and write your answers in the ‘YOU’ part.
6C. Work in pairs. Ask your friend questions and write his/her answers in the ‘YOUR FRIEND’ part in activity 6B.

Sayfa 57 Cevapları

7A. Read the text and write Berke’s family members’ names.
7B. Read the text above again and complete the sentences with the people’s evening activities.
7C. Answer the questions.

Sayfa 58 Cevapları

Ask your father/mother questions about his/her typical day and take notes.
Then, report it to the class.

Sayfa 59 Cevapları

Activity 1
Match the clocks with the time.
Activity 2
Look at the clocks and write the time.

Sayfa 60 Cevapları

Activity 3
Read the text and write the number of the clocks in activity 2 in the correct places.
Activity 4
Match the questions with the answers. Colour the answers.

Sayfa 61 Cevapları

Activity 5
Complete the phrases with the correct pictures.
Activity 6
Write about your daily routine. You can use the phrases above.

Sayfa 62 Cevapları

Activity 7
Complete the dialogue with the questions below.
Not: Cevaplar kısa süre içinde eklenecektir.
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