7. Sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları MEB Yayınları

7. Sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı Cevapları MEB Yayınları


Cevap Anahtarı👇👇👇👇👇

3. Ünite Biographies Sayfa 36 Cevapları

Let’s Start!
1- Life is a long journey. What are the “milestones” in a person’s life?
Discuss as a class and write them in the labels.
2- Below are some words about different stages of our lives. Find the
meanings of the words and put them in the correct box.

3. Ünite Biographies Sayfa 37 Cevapları

3- Look at the photos. What are they? What is common about them?
The photes are about
electricity and the radio waves.
4- 3.1 Listen to the dialogue between Thomas and his classmate Maria.
Who was behind these inventions?
Nicola Tesla was behind these inwentions
5- 3.2 Listen again and fill in the blanks with the words given below.
1- found 2- inventions 3- didn't graduate 4- worked 5- was
6- Write some keywords from the dialogue about Tesla’s life.
inventor - radio waves - work hard - electricity - alone

3. Ünite Biographies Sayfa 38 Cevapları

Let’s Read!
1- Do you read biographies? Who do you like reading about (e.g. people from history, celebrities)?
Yes I read biographies. 
I like reading about peoble from history.
2- Read Thomas’ biography homework about Tesla. How many patents did Tesla have?
was - was - wanted - studied - mowed - worked - started - could - produced - became - petanted - got - worked - changed - died

3. Ünite Biographies Sayfa 39 Cevapları

3- Read the text in part 2 and put the sentences into chronological order.
D - C - A - B - E
4- Read again and fill in the blanks with the correct information.
he wanted to read more about engineering
Thomas Edison
Yes - did
5- What surprised you most about Nikola Tesla? What do you want to learn more about him?
He didn't graduate from university .
He died alone.

3. Ünite Biographies Sayfa 40 Cevapları

Let’s Listen!
1- Look at the photos. Do you know these people? What do you know about them?
2- 3.3 Listen to the biographies. Match the people with their countries and professions. There is one extra.
Osman Hamdi Bey - Actor-Turkey
Marie Curie - Scientist/Poland
William Shakespeare - Writer/England
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Musician/Austria
3- 3.4 Listen again and choose the correct answer.
1- Poland 2- science 3- founded 4- 1842 5- composed 6- was 7- didn’t go 8- three

3. Ünite Biographies Sayfa 41 Cevapları

Let’s Speak!
1- Choose a famous person and do research about her/his life.
Then, present it to the class.
2- Work in pairs. Follow the instruction and make dialogues with your
partner about the famous people you chose.

3. Ünite Biographies Sayfa 42 Cevapları

Let’s Read!
1- 3.5 Close your eyes and relax. Listen to the music and answer the questions.
2- Are you good at playing any musical instruments?
Do you know a famous musician?
3- Read the biography of İdil Biret, a very talented and successful
pianist. Match the headings with the correct paragraphs.

3. Ünite Biographies Sayfa 43 Cevapları

4- Read the biography again. Write True (T) or False (F).
Correct the false sentences.
(T) 1941: She was born in Ankara.
(F) 1957: She started Paris Conservatory.
(T) 1961: She was awarded with “Gold Medal of Dinu Lipatti”.
(T) 1971: She became a national artist.
(T) 1988: She took Honorary PhD in Bosphorus University.
(F) 2007: She won the “Honour Award” in Ankara Music Festival.
5- Think about what makes someone successful in her/his life and talk about it.
1- They are ambitious.
2- They are couregeous
3- They are cpmmidtet.
4- They are prepared

3. Ünite Biographies Sayfa 44 Cevapları

Let’s Write!
Look at the pictures and short information about the successful chief admiral,
Barbarossa Hayreddin. Use the notes and write a paragraph about him.
He was born in Mytilene-Lesbos in 1475
He was a commarder and a warrior.
He became the first chief admiral of Ottaman State in 1533.
He raised three children : Mehmet, Hasan and Vali Pasha

3. Ünite Biographies Sayfa 45 Cevapları

Let’s Have Fun!

3. Ünite Biographies Sayfa 46 Cevapları

Let’s Make a Project!

4. Ünite Wild Animals Sayfa 48 Cevapları

Let’s Start!
1- Look at the photos of some animals. Where do they live? Which of them do you think are more dangerous? Why?
2- 4.1 Listen to the sounds and tick the animals you hear. monkey

4. Ünite Wild Animals Sayfa 49 Cevapları

3- Use the animals in part 2 and fill in the table. Write at least two extras for each category.
4- Some animals are describing themselves below. Read the sentences and write their names in the boxes.

4. Ünite Wild Animals Sayfa 50 Cevapları

Let’s Read!
1- 4.2 Read and listen to the dialogue. Which two animals are Tom and Leo talking about?

4. Ünite Wild Animals Sayfa 51 Cevapları

2 Match the words in the dialogue with their definitions.
3- Read the dialogue again and answer the questions

4. Ünite Wild Animals Sayfa 52 Cevapları

Let’s Listen!
1- Which wild animals do you want to see?
Where can you see them? In their habitats or not?
2- 4.3 Listen to the texts. Which animals are they talking about?
Write them in the correct boxes. You can use them more than once.
3- 4.4 Listen again and choose the correct answer.

4. Ünite Wild Animals Sayfa 53 Cevapları

Let’s Speak!
1- Work in pairs. Imagine that you are a journalist and interviewing a nature scientist. Ask and answer questions about these extinct animals.
2- Do you know any other extinct animals? Why are they extinct now?
3- What should we do to protect endangered animals?
You can use the prompts below.

4. Ünite Wild Animals Sayfa 54 Cevapları

Let’s Read!
1- Do you know this logo? What is WWF?
2- Three Volunteers from WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) are talking about some animals. Read the texts. What do these animals have in common?

4. Ünite Wild Animals Sayfa 55 Cevapları

3- Read the texts in part 2 and write the names of animals.
4- Read again and fill in information cards about the animals.

4. Ünite Wild Animals Sayfa 56 Cevapları

Let’s Write!
Imagine that you are a volunteer from WWF.
Use the prompts below and prepare a brochure about giraffes.

4. Ünite Wild Animals Sayfa 57 Cevapları

Let’s Have Fun!
Write the names of the animals and find the hidden message

4. Ünite Wild Animals Sayfa 58 Cevapları

Let’s Make a Project!
Not: Cevaplar kısa süre içinde eklenecektir.

5. Ünite Television Sayfa 60 Cevapları

Let’s Start!
1- Look at the picture.
What is the cat doing?
Do you think TV makes people lazy?
2- There are some types of TV programmes below. Which one is your favourite?

5. Ünite Television Sayfa 61 Cevapları

3- Read the sentences. In which type of programme can you hear them?
Write the programmes in the boxes.
a) commercial b) quiz show c) series d) talk show e) documantery f) news
4- Which one do you want to watch? Why?

5. Ünite Television Sayfa 62 Cevapları

Let’s Read!
1- Look at the picture. What are they doing? Is the boy having dinner or watching TV?
2- 5.1 Read and listen about Nina's family. What do they watch on TV? Underline the TV programmes you find.

5. Ünite Television Sayfa 63 Cevapları

3- Read the text in part 2 again and correct the underlined parts.
1. Nina watches TV when she gets home from school. Nina watches TV in her free time
2. Nina’s mother prefers TV series to movies. She prefers movies to TV series.
3. Billy sometimes meets his friends at weekends. Billy spends hes weekend by watching TV.
4. The signs about TV programmes are very important for Billy. He doesn't care about the sighns on TV prgrammes.
5. Billy’s father only prefers watching reality shows. He also whatches news 
6. Nina never misses her favourite team’s matches. Nina never misses new episodes of her favourite series.
4- TV signs help people to choose appropriate programmes on TV.
Write the phrases under the signs.
Suitable for seven and over
General audiences.
Negative examples.
Suitable for eighteen and over.
violence / horror
5- What are your favourite TV programmes? Why do you prefer them?
Give some reasons as in the examples.

5. Ünite Television Sayfa 64 Cevapları

Let’s Listen!
1- What type of TV programmes do/don’t you usually watch? Why?
2- 5.2 Look at the TV guide. Daisy and Sarah are talking about TV programmes. Listen to the dialogue. Which programme did they decide to watch?
3- 5.3 Listen again. Write True (T), False (F) or No Information (-)
1- F 2- T 3- F 4- - 5- F 6- F 

5. Ünite Television Sayfa 65 Cevapları

Let’s Speak!
Work with your partner. Choose a TV programme. Ask and answer questions as in the example. You can use the questions below.

5. Ünite Television Sayfa 66 Cevapları

Let’s Read!
1- Which TV programmes do you recommend to your classmates? Why?
2- Chris, Sue and Matt are talking about their favourite TV programmes. Read the dialogue and find who talked about the characters in the photos. Write their names under the photos.
Matt - Sue - Chris

5. Ünite Television Sayfa 67 Cevapları

4- Read the dialogue again and complete the table.
5- Read again and choose the correct one.
1- didn't watch 2- three 3- series 4- history of science 5- doesn’t like
6- What did you watch last on TV? Talk about it with your partner.

5. Ünite Television Sayfa 68 Cevapları

Let’s Write!
1- Work in pairs. Ask the questions to your partner and write a paragraph about her/his TV watching habits.

5. Ünite Television Sayfa 69 Cevapları

Let’s Have Fun!

5. Ünite Television Sayfa 70 Cevapları

Let’s Make a Project!

6. Ünite Celebrations Sayfa 72 Cevapları

Let’s Start!
1. What do you think about special days? Are they important for you?
Why/Why not?
2. What do people do on the special days below? Find the expressions for each celebration. You can add more.
Graduation Party - get a degree or a diploma
Fancy Dress Party - wear a costume
Wedding Day - arrange music - drink beverages
Birthday Party -  invite guests
Ramadan Feast - visit relatives - eat baklava

6. Ünite Celebrations Sayfa 73 Cevapları

3. Match the words and phrases with their definitions.
1. beverages : the drinks
2. guest list : names of guests
3. invitation cards: short letters for guests
4. presents: gifts
5. fancy dresses: different costumes
4. Put the letters in the correct order and match them with the pictures.
2. deatroicon --> decoration
3. hsost --> hosts
4. tnviei --> invite 
5. custemo --> costume
6. yirthbda --> birthday

6. Ünite Celebrations Sayfa 75 Cevapları

3. Read the dialogue again. What do they need for the party?
Tick the correct one
1. Sıra : a lot of - some - a few 
2. Sıra : some - lots of  - some
4. Read again and write four things they should do to organize the party.
1. First, they need a lot of balloons confeddi and some party hast.
2. Then, they should prepare food and beverages.
3. Next, her mum can make some cookies and big cake.
4. Finally,  she has a few amazing CDs. She can bring them.

6. Ünite Celebrations Sayfa 76 Cevapları

3 6.3 Listen again and fill in the blanks
1- I would lowe to.
2- Would you like -- a lot of.
3- some cookies -- lots of crisps.
4- should decorate -- I think

6. Ünite Celebrations Sayfa 78 Cevapları

3. Read the messages again and answer the questions
1. Who has a graduation party? Jane has a graduation party.
2. Who did Jane invite to her party? She invited all her friends and relatives.
3. What do Rob and his wife celebrate? They celebrate their wedding anniversary.
4. Why does Wilma need advice? She needs advice for her dress.
5. What time do the parties begin? They are all start at 6 o'clock

6. Ünite Celebrations Sayfa 79 Cevapları

4. What do Jane, Rob and Wilma need for their organizations? Write them in their boxes. You can use them more than once.
Jane - lots of beverages, some confetti, a guest list, a lot of music CDs, invitation cards/message
Rob - candles, a dinner speech, a guest list, invitation cards/message, lots of beverages
Wilma - a cake, party hats, presents, balloons, candles, a lot of music CDs, lots of beverages
5. You want to invite your friends to your party. Work in groups of three.
Read the role cards and make a dialogue.
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6. Ünite Celebrations Sayfa 80 Cevapları

Read Jason’s “Costume Party” invitation card and find the answers of these questions.
When? 27th October
Where? Jason's House
What time?  8 p.m.

6. Ünite Celebrations Sayfa 81 Cevapları

Let’s Have Fun!
Sınıf içi etkinlik

7. Ünite Dreams Sayfa 84 Cevapları

1. What are the most and the least important things for a good future? Why?
I think family and health are the most important things. Because our family helps us every time and we can't live unhealthy.

7. Ünite Dreams Sayfa 85 Cevapları

3. Match the pictures with the sentences in part 2. // 6 - 5 - 1 - 3
4. Match the highlighted words in part 2 with the definitions below.
e.g. believe : to suppose that something is true or likely
1. excellent : extremely good
2. career: a job that you do during your working life
3. recieve : to get something
4. peaceful : quiet and calm
5. guess  : to think that something is true or possible
6. probably : something is likely to happen

7. Ünite Dreams Sayfa 86 Cevapları

1- What do you expect from the future? I hope I will have a good career and a happy family.

7. Ünite Dreams Sayfa 87 Cevapları

3. Read the texts in part 2 again and fill in the table.
4. Read again. Whose sentences could these be? Write their names.
1- Sam 2- Charlie 3- Onur 4- Laure 5- Onur 6. Laure 7- Sam 8- Charlie
5. Make predictions about your life in ten years’ time and take notes. Then, tell them to the class.
University : I wile go to Boğaziçi University.
Future job/career : I will be a Teacher.
Future travel : I will go to Spain.
Future home : I will have a big house
Any other things : I will have a fast car.

7. Ünite Dreams Sayfa 88 Cevapları

1. Which professions can you see in this picture? Teacher, nurse, doctor, cook, engineer, firefigheter, architect.
What is your dream job? I want to be a teacher
2. 7.2 Listen to the dialogue. What is Harry’s dream job? Harry wants to be a teacher.
7.3 Listen again and choose the correct one.
1- teacher. 2- happy 3- two 4- travel around the world. 5- small

7. Ünite Dreams Sayfa 89 Cevapları

1. Build your own future. Circle at least one from each box and talk about your future plans. You can add more.
20s --> Go to university, Travel, Do my hobbies, Live in a big city/village
30s --> Travel, Do my hobbies, Run my own business, Buy a house/car, Live in a big city/village
40s --> Get married, Run my own business
50s --> Travel, Live in a big city/village, Be retired

7. Ünite Dreams Sayfa 90 Cevapları

Flying Cars - b -d
Going on Holidays in Space - c - f
Education Without Teachers - e - a

7. Ünite Dreams Sayfa 91 Cevapları

4. Read again and answer the questions.
will definitely happen? Going on Holidays in Space
will be the greatest improvement on life in the future? Flying cars.
won’t happen? Education without teachers
5. What do you know about the topics below? Choose two of them and make predictions. Will they make our lives better or worse? Why?
Food pills fill make our lives easier.
Self-driving car will make traffic better

7. Ünite Dreams Sayfa 92 Cevapları

Look at the photos and the topics. What will they be like in the future?
Write your predictions about them.
Robots will probably take our jobs.
Sports will be played by robots.
Peoble wont watch television.

7. Ünite Dreams Sayfa 93 Cevapları

Work in groups. Read the sentences below and answer:
Do you think it will happen? Then, compare your ideas with your friends.
(Maybe) 1. There will be no more wars.
(Maybe) 2. Because of the climate change, we won’t see winters any more.
(Maybe) 3. People won’t be able to find jobs because of robots.
(Definitely Not!) 4. People will not be able to tell a lie.
(Maybe) 5. People will live in underwater cities.
(Definitely!) 6. It will be easy for people to go on space holiday.
(Maybe) 7. Robots will play tricks on people.
(Maybe) 8. People will use brain chips to record all their lives.
(Definitely!) 9. People will make contact with aliens.
(Definitely!) 10. Hundreds of animal species will lose their habitats.

8. Ünite Public Buildings Sayfa 96 Cevapları

1 Look at the pictures. Which places do you usually go? Why do you go there?
hospital- whwn I am will
bakery - to buy bread
movie theatre - to see a movie
greengrocer’s- to buy grecery
shopping mall - to shop
coffee shop - to/buy drink coffee

8. Ünite Public Buildings Sayfa 97 Cevapları

2 - Read the questions and choose the correct place.
1. Where can you go to report a crime? b. police station
2. Where can you go to drive bumper cars? a. amusement park
3. Where can you go to get fruit and vegetables? c. greengrocer
4. Where can you go to see the mayor? b. municipality
5. Where can you go to do some shopping? c. shopping mall
6. Where can you go to see paintings? b. art gallery
7. Where can you go to see the doctor? a. hospital
 8. Where can you go to watch a film? c. movie theatre
9. Where can you go to buy some fresh bread? a. bakery
10. Where can you go to meet your friends for a drink? b. coffee shop
11. Where can you go to draw money? a. bank
12. Where can you go to buy some CDs? c. music store

8. Ünite Public Buildings Sayfa 98 Cevapları

1- Which places can you see in your neighbourhood?
Coffee shop shopping mall bakery grocery
3- Read the text again and write True (T) or False (F). Correct the false sentences.
1- F 2- F 3- T 4- T 5- T 6- T 7- F

8. Ünite Public Buildings Sayfa 99 Cevapları

4. 8.1 Listen to the dialogues. Where is Alan in each dialogue? Write the numbers in the pictures.
5- 8.2 Listen again. Why is he there?
1. e.g. to get aspirin and painkillers
2. to buy fruits.
3. to trink coffee and eat toasst.
4. to buy bread and cake.
5. to buy clothes.
6. to buy some CD's. 

8. Ünite Public Buildings Sayfa 100 Cevapları

1- Where do you usually go to have fun with your friends? Shopping mall
2- 8.3 Lisa and Amy are talking on the phone. Listen to them and write down the places they are talking about.
park, shopping mall, cinema, coffee shop, boutique, minicipality
3- 8.4 Listen again and choose the correct answer.
1. Lisa will be with her sister… a. to look after her.
2. Lisa will go to the park… b. to have breakfast with her family.
3. Amy went to the shopping mall yesterday… a. to buy a present for her cousin.
4. Amy and Lisa will have some time after the film... b. to go to Jason’s boutique
5. Amy and Lisa are planning to meet at the coffee shop... a. to drink something.

8. Ünite Public Buildings Sayfa 101 Cevapları

1- Look at the photos. Where are the people? What are they doing?
a) shopping
b) buying coffee
c) buying medienie
d) buying chotes
2- Work in pairs. Write down some places you went last. Ask and answer questions about your places them.
I went to the movie theater.
When did you go.
Who did you go with.
My cousin.
Why did you go there.
To watch a film.

8. Ünite Public Buildings Sayfa 102 Cevapları

1- Read the texts quickly and match the cities with them.
İstanbul, Turkey
Beijing, China

8. Ünite Public Buildings Sayfa 103 Cevapları

London, England
2- Read the texts again. Tick the correct places.
(London) It is the capital city of the country.
(Beijing) There are two streets full of traditional shops and stores.
(İstanbul) You can enjoy the amazing scenery while taking a boat tour.
(Beijing) It has one of the longest buildings in the world.
(London) You can buy any kinds of toys there.
(London) People come to visit its famous art galleries and museums.
(İstanbul) It has a lot of historical places to visit.
(İstanbul) One of the oldest shopping mall is in this city.
3- Which of these cities do you prefer to visit? Why?
İstanbul because I love hitorical places and Grand Bazaar seems exciting.

8. Ünite Public Buildings Sayfa 104 Cevapları

1- Think about the city you would like to visit. Take notes and write a paragraph about it. You can find the photo of it.
» The name of the city: Roma
» The reason why you want to visit: I love historical places
» The places you can see there: Colossuem
» The things you want to do there: Go to a Roma FC football match.

8. Ünite Public Buildings Sayfa 105 Cevapları

In groups of 3 or 4
» Read the clue cards.
» Try to find which places Mr. Frank went last Friday.
» The group who finds the places in a shorter time will be the winner.
Last Friday Mr. Frank had a very busy day
1- bakery 2- grocery 3- post office 4- park 5- police station 6- clothing shop 7- coffee shop 8- book shop. 9- pharmacy 10- bank

9. Ünite Environment Sayfa 108 Cevapları

1. Look at the pictures. What do you know about them?
2. 9.1 Listen and repeat the words.

9. Ünite Environment Sayfa 109 Cevapları

2- 9.2 Listen and complete the sentences with the words in part 1.
a- Air pollitain b- global warming c- deforestion d- recyde e- pesticidies f- solar energy g- nuclear wates
3- Put the words in part 1 into the correct box.
POSITIVE : rainforest, recyde, solar energy, wind energy, plant a tree
NEGATIVE : nuclear waste, pestidicies, air pullition, water pollition, global warming, deferestation
4- Match the problems with the correct sentences
1- c 2- e 3- b 4- d 5- a 6- f

9. Ünite Environment Sayfa 110 Cevapları

1- Look at the photo. What are they doing?  Fotoğrafa bak. Nelerdir yapıyorlar?
2- 9.3 Read and listen to the dialogue between Dean and Lucy. Why is Dean upset?

9. Ünite Environment Sayfa 111 Cevapları

3- Read the dialogue in part 2 again and tick the photos they are talking about. 1. ve 6. resim
4- Read again and write True (T), False (F) or No Information (-).
1- F 2- F 3- T 4- F 5- T
5- Work in pairs. Read the role cards and make a dialogue. You can use the prompts below. 
Çiftler halinde çalışın. Rol kartlarını okuyun ve bir diyalog kurun. Aşağıdaki istemleri kullanabilirsiniz.

9. Ünite Environment Sayfa 112 Cevapları

1- 9.4 Emily and her father decided to make a “Plant Your Own Tree” campaign. Listen to them. How does Emily feel about the campaign?
2- 9.5 Listen again. What are they talking about to prevent air pollution? Put a tick.
2. We mustn’t use plastic bags.
3. We have to use solar energy.
3- Look at the pictures and complete the process of planting a tree.
First, select a proper place.
Then, dig a hole.
And place the tree in the centre of the hole gently.
Finally, water the newly planted tree.

9. Ünite Environment Sayfa 113 Cevapları

1- You will make a campaign to protect the environme

9. Ünite Environment Sayfa 114 Cevapları

What can you do to make the world a better place?
What can we do to protect the environment?
2- Read the texts quickly and match the pictures with the correct paragraphs. There is one extra.
Deforestion, wasting energy

9. Ünite Environment Sayfa 107 Cevapları

3- Read the texts in part 2 again and match the sentences with the topics. Write (D) for “Deforestation” and (WE) for “Wasting Energy”.
1- D 2- WE 3- WE 4- D
4- Read again and answer the questions.
5- Work in pairs and make a dialogue. Read the problems and make at least two suggestions for each. Give explanations and reasons.

9. Ünite Environment Sayfa 116 Cevapları

1- Imagine that you will do something for the Earth. Read the problems and choose at least two of them. What will you do? How will you do? Write your messages in the boxes by using First, Then and Finally.
Dünya için bir şeyler yapacağınızı hayal edin. Sorunları oku ve bunlardan en az ikisini seçin. Ne yapacaksın? Nasıl yapacaksın İlk, Sonra ve Son'u kullanarak mesajlarınızı kutulara yazın.

9. Ünite Environment Sayfa 117 Cevapları

Look at the words about the environment. Use the words below and write as many sentences as you can. Who makes more sentences wins the game!

Çevre ile ilgili kelimelere bakın. Aşağıdaki kelimeleri kullanın ve istediğiniz kadar yazın cümleleri mümkün olduğu kadar. Kim daha fazla cümle yapar oyunu kazanır!

DKC Bir cevap motorudur... Sağ üstteki "Eksik sayfa bildir"butonuna tıklayarak istediğiniz sayfaları bize bildirebilirsiniz.